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The Namsai district of Arunachal Pradesh is a foothill district. It was carved out of Lohit District in 2014 and became the 18th District of the state. The District is situated at north easternmost part of the country and lies between 95.45 to 96.20 E longitudes/ 27.30 to 27.55 N latitudes with a geographical area of about 1587 sqkm. The district is surrounded by Tinsukia district of Assam in the West & South West, Changlang district in the South & South East, Anjaw & Lohit in the East and Lohit in the North.

The Headquarter of the district is also called by the name “NAMSAI” which in Khampti means Water & Sand (NAM – Water , SAI – Sand)

As per population census 2011, the district has a population of 95950 with male female ratio of 984.19 per thousand and a population density of 60.46 per sqkm. The main stream of economy of the district comes from land and forest based activities.

Namsai At a Glance:

Items Particulars
Name of District Namsai
District Headquarter Namsai
Geographical location Between 95.45 to 96.20 East longitude and 27.30 to 27.55 North latitude
Geographical area 1587 sq km (approx)
Elevation Avg 156 meter from MSL
Climatic Zone Tropical
Avg. Annual Rainfall (mm) 3500-4000
Population (2011 census) 95950
                                                   Male 49856
                                                 Female 46094
                                               Sex ratio 984.49
Population density 60.46 person per sq km
Literacy rate (%) 54.24
                                                   Male 61.07
                                                 Female 47.42
Total No of Household 19035
                                     Rural Household 15890
                                    Urban Household 3145
ST Population 31490
Administrative circles 05(five)- Chongkham, Lathaw, piyong, Namsai and Lekang
Assembly Constituencies 03(three)- 46- Chowkham(ST), 47-Namsai(ST) & 48-lekang(ST)
 Important places to visit Golden Pagoda, Pali Vidyapith & museum, ParashuramKund, Tea Garden etc.


Items Particulars
Winter 10cº – 25cº
Summer 28cº – 40cº


Items Particulars
Winter 62%
Summer 90%


Items Particulars
 Universities 01(one)
Colleges 02(two)
Technical Institute 01(one)-Govt. Polytechnic Institute
Higher sec schools 06
 Secondary schools 08
Middle schools 60
 Primary schools 107


Items Particulars
District Hospital 1
Community Health Centre 3
Primary Health Centre 4
Health Sub Centre 11
Total Doctors 18


Items Particulars
Anchal Samity 05
Gram Panchayat 102