The Khamptis are expert craftsmen and has a preference for conventional attires, enriched by brilliant craft works. The beautifully crafted sword, known as Pha-nap, is very popular in the district and the state.  The Khampti crafts in bamboo, wood, bone and ivory are also spectacular. They are experts in making traditional weapons. The priests are also known to be amateur craftsmen who use wood, bone or ivory to carve out religious statues.

The Khampti women are expert in weaving and they make multi-coloured lungis called the Pha-Noi which is part of the costumes of the Khampti men. They also weave deep coloured skirts called Sui made from cotton or silk, and  coloured silk scarfs.

The Singpho women are also expert in weaving and they make their own dresses themselves.