Tourism is emerging as one of the promising components of the economy. State of Arunachal is becoming a hot spot for tourism destination due to its unique varied topographical, cultural and ethnic mosaic which has barely been tapped. The development of a strong platform around the concept of Rural Tourism based on ecology, Religion, culture, traditions including handloom and handicrafts is definitely useful for an area like Arunachal Pradesh in general and Namsai district in particular. “The colourful cultural mosaic of different ethnic tribes, sub tribes and their distinct culture and dress codes gives the district a uniqueness of its own. The lush green forest, the blend of plains & mountains, varied flaura and fauna, numerous tribes & vivid culture, colourfull & distinct handloom & handicrafts, pilgrimage destination of parsuram kund & Golden pagoda, potential tourist route to boarder area of wallong & Kibitho etc offers an excellent plate form for development of Religeo-cultural & eco-tourism.

Important Places of Tourist/Pilgrimage attractions:-

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1. Golden Pagoda (Kongmu Kham)
& Meditation Centre
(Beautifully built Pagoda in 2012 having Budha relics & budhi briksha (brought from Sri Lanka) attracting domestic as well as foreign tourists every day
2. World Peace Pagodas at Chongkham Another attractive Pagoda visited by tourists
3. Pali-Bidyapith & Tai Khampti Meuseum at Chongkham School of pali language,Meuseum of tai Khamptis