Blocks & Circles

The district is comprised of 03(three) CD Blocks namely- Lekang, Namsai and Chongkham and 05(five) administrative circles namely- Lekang, Namsai, Piyong, Lathaw and Chongkham.

The local self-government is two tier system with Zila Parishad at District Level/Block/circle level and Gram Panchayat at Village/cluster level.

Sl. No Name of CD Block Name of Circle Year of Creation Rank of Officer-In-Charge
1 Namsai Namsai 1953 DC/ADC/EAC/CO
Piyong/Ningroo 1997 CO
Lathaw 2005 CO
2 Lekang Lekang 1977 EAC
3 Chongkham Chongkham 1956 EAC