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Public Notice: Preliminary Notification of Municipal Area Boundary of Namsai town for the purpose to constitute Namsai Municipality under provision of section 4(1) of Arunachal Pradesh Municipal Act, 2007 (Act No. 4 of 2008). 04/11/2020 View (2 MB)
Blanket ban of activities like gambling/dice/drinks bar etc. during the Durga Puja and all wine shops to be sealed w.e.f 22/10/2010 to 26/10/2020 21/10/2020 View (474 KB)
Notified activities for strict compliance during the Durga Puja celebration w.e.f 23/10/2020 to 26/10/2020 20/10/2020 View (512 KB)
Guidelines for celebration of Durga Puja in Namsai District in the background of prevailing COVID-19 situation 20/10/2020 View (927 KB)
NOTICE – Aspirants/participants who took part in the Army recruitment rally for porters at GHSS playground, Mahadevpur need to put themselves under Home Quarantine for 14 days as few army personnel engaged for the rally tested positive for COVID-19 06/08/2020 View (471 KB)
Order – In view of “Varsa Vassa” period, meat slaughter, sale of fish, meat and liquor is prohibited in Namsai district on the dates mentioned in the “Tithi Chart-2020” 05/08/2020 View (226 KB)
Order – Instructions related to management of COVID-19 in lieu of new SOP issued by the Government 03/08/2020 View (297 KB)
Advisory – All denizens of Namsai district are advised to stay away from Social/Cultural/Religious Functions/Other gatherings and large congregations in view of increasing no. of COVID-19 cases 30/07/2020 View (121 KB)
Order – Market from APST Bus stand area to Tri-junction of APIL Saw Mill including subways to main market is shutdown w.e.f 29/07/2020 to 31/07/2020 to facilitate conduct of Rapid Antigen Test and in the interest of public health 28/07/2020 View (127 KB)
Order – Area covering police station road from tri-junction to SBI CSP, Milan Nagar & ADI line area, Masjid area and Namsai police colony is put under Containment Zone with immediate effect in the interest of public health 28/07/2020 View (123 KB)